St. Michael’s Catholic Parish

2000 West Pyron, San Antonio, TX 78211

The Rev. Frank W. Bellino, Priest
The Rev. Dcn. Fred Hernandez, Deacon
Alma Bellino, Parish Administrator and Lector

We want to meet you where you are, and to work with you to bring you to the fullest expression of faith possible. We seek first the Kingdom of God in our lives, purposely looking for Jesus in the least, the lost, and the forgotten.

Holy Rosary is at 10:45 Mass is at 11:15 Sundays

Our Priest

The Rev. Frank W. Bellino

I am delighted to be the be the Pastor at St. Michael’s. It is with humility and reverence that I seek to serve lovingly and faithfully.

So that you might know me better I thought perhaps I might write a few lines about my life thus far. I was born in San Antonio 1962 of Vincent and Vola Bellino. My father passed away in 1989 and my mother still lives in San Antonio. I have two younger brothers. I am married to Alma A. Bellino, and several adopted brothers and sisters. I have 5 children and 14 grandchildren. I was baptized Roman Catholic as a toddler in Chicago, Il at the insistence of my Paternal Grandmother.

I grew up in San Antonio and attended John Glenn Elementary, E.M. Pease Middle School and John Jay High School, graduating from high school in 1980. I played baseball and participated in Rodeo. I enlisted in the US Army and became a Military Policeman.  I attended undergraduate school at Palo Alto on the GI Bill taking my first religious class as an elective. I applied and was accepted to the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office where I started what turned out to be a 38-year career of service to my fellow man. I finished a B.A. in Christian Studies in 1990, from Wayland Baptist University.  

In 2019 I entered the McGrath Institute for Church Life at the University of Notre Dame. I completed an M.A. in Catholic Theology with a specialization in Liturgy. I have also been studying to become a Friar in the Order of Preachers, Independent.

I love to travel and have and extensive bucket list of places I want to visit. I enjoy books and have a large library. I love anything Notre Dame, baseball, football, etc. and like all baseball. I am currently a Criminal Investigator for a local school district in my secular life.

Our Deacon

The Rev. Dcn. Fred Hernandez

I am blessed to serve as Deacon at St. Michael’s Catholic Church with reverence and humility to serve faithfully.

     I was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1953 to:  Fred Z. Hernandez, Sr. and Florine Pena Hernandez. I was baptized Roman Catholic in San Antonio, Texas. My father deceased in 2002 and my mother deceased in 2010. I have two older sisters. I am currently married to Virginia Guerra Hernandez. I have two (2) biological children and two (2) biological grandchildren. Virginia has two (2) biological children and two (2) biological grandchildren. 

     I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, attended Marin B. Fenwick Elementary School. I attended Horace Mann Middle School and Thomas Jefferson High School. I graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in May 1971. I participated in the Jr. R.O.T.C. program and participated in Drill Team as Drill Team Commander as Cadet Lt. Colonel. After graduation I attended San Antonio College and transferred to St. Mary’s University for my undergraduate Education on a Baseball Scholarship and Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education in 1976. I then attended Our Lady of the Lake University and obtained two (2) Master’s degrees. A Master’s of Education/Counseling and Master’s In Mid-Management Education, both in 1978.  I later attended Texas A&M, College Station, Texas on a Ph.D. Education Degree program, No Degree earned.

I enjoy spending time with my wife Gina and we love to travel on Cruise Ships. I enjoy humor and laughter and performed many stages and cities throughout the United States as a Professional Stand-up Comedian for twenty (20) years. I am blessed and highly favored, AMEN.

Our Parish Administrator and Lector

Alma Bellino

I am Blessed to be the be the Lector and Secretary of St. Michael’s. It is with modesty and devotion that I seek to serve affectionately and accurately.

I was born in Laredo. Texas 1973 of Arturo and Diana Noriega. My father was tragically killed in 1973 just a couple of months before my birth while serving in the US Navy. My mother moved our family to San Antonio after his death for better opportunities. She still lives in San Antonio, and we are blessed that she attends St. Michael’s with us.

I have an older sister, brother-in-law and nephew. I have been married to Father Frank for 7 years. I have 2 children by birth, 4 by marriage and countless others through relationships I have formed with them. I am blessed to have 14 grandchildren. And 1 Godson I was given as a gift from the Lord.  I was baptized Roman Catholic as a toddler at St. Cecilia’s in San Antonio.  

I grew up in San Antonio and attended Northside Independent School District schools, graduating from John Jay High School in 1990. I was active in ROTC in High School and knew from a young age that I wanted to pursue nursing as my career path.  Graduating with my Certified Nurse’s Aide certification. Before I could continue directly out of High School life happened and I stayed as a CNA for over 20 years. When I met my husband, he asked me what your passion and goal in life is, and he saw that I was able to pursue my life’s dream. I was able to attend North American University and obtain my Licensed Vocational Nurses license on my first attempt. I would like to continue my nursing education to further my abilities to help those that cannot help themselves.

My passion is my children. I love to serve people that cannot help themselves. I pray that one day St. Michael’s will be able to sponsor a food pantry to help those less fortunate. I enjoy watch crime investigation television shows and taking care of my family.

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