Who We Are

We are a Church whose roots stem from Old Catholic Tradition, those of the original
Catholic Church.  We are an inclusive and inviting Church, celebrating a diversity of worship styles within our communities, while remaining traditionally theological and devoutly Catholic.

We are truly Catholic and Apostolic and we believe that the Church must be a place
where the Kingdom of God is open to all people and where all are truly welcome.  The
Unified Old Catholic Church derives its Apostolic Succession from the historic Churches of the East and West.  Our successions are through multiple lines. As a church, we have significant ties with the historic Old Catholic movement. We are a self-governed church that strives to bring the Kingdom of God one person at a time.

Our work is firmly based on the teachings of the Gospel, and we strive to represent
Christ in all that we do.  We were given the command by Christ to “go out into the world and preach the Gospel.”  This is the reason that the Unified Old Catholic Church exists. We firmly hold to the commandments given to us by Christ, to love God above all else, and to ‘love our neighbors as we do ourselves.’

We are a Community of joy, wherein each person is celebrated as a special gift of God, cherished by the Church, and recognized as an individual. It is that recognition of the individual that sets us apart from other churches.  We want to meet you where you are, and to work with you to bring you to the fullest expression of faith possible.  We seek first the Kingdom of God in our lives, purposely looking for Jesus in the least, the lost, and the forgotten.

The Unified Old Catholic Church is to emphasize the unified fellowship of believers in the name of Christ and promote solid Biblical teaching to equip Christians for a practical Christ centered life, whereby the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be delivered to a lost and dying world.