The Office of Records

Welcome to the Office of Records.

The current Director of the Office of records is Bishop Michael Beckett, OPI.

All records of the Unified Old Catholic Church are held in the strictest of confidence. No records may be released to anyone without proper consent. Those who wish to see a copy of their file may write a letter of request to the Office and provide proper documentation so that the contents may be made available to you.  Proper documentation consists of proper identification, which records one wishes to view, and the reason for the request to view records.

In the case of criminal cases, the Unified Old Catholic Church will cooperate fully with all Law Enforcement agencies requesting information.

For information please send a written request to:

The Rt. Rev. Michael R. Beckett, OPI
UOCC Office of Records
9700 Kings Road MH 86
Myrtle Beach, SC  29572

Or by submitting a request below.