The College of Bishops and Vicars


The Right Reverend Michael Beckett, OPI, Presiding Bishop

The Very Reverend Lady Sherwood, OPI, Vicar General, Diocese of the United Kingdom

The Rev. Archdeacon Michael Scott Brown, OPI, Chair of Finance

The. Rev. S. E. Gisewhite,  Dean of the Thomas Aquinas Institute for Clergy Education

Vacant – Director of Media Relations

Seated Members of the College of Bishops and Vicars include all Bishops, Vicars General and the directors of all Offices of the Unified Old Catholic Church. The purpose of the College is to advise the Presiding Bishop in all matters concerning the health, welfare, growth and security of the Unified Old Catholic Church.

All College members have a vote on issues upon which a vote is necessary. The College provides the church with a “checks and balances” system assuring that all voices are heard and prayerfully considered in the life of the Church as she makes decisions that affect us all.